Debbie Trominski

About Me

Debbie Trominski is a real estate agent and investor who has honed a smart, simple and effective strategy to build wealth through real estate while focusing on her family and career.

For nearly two decades she has been investing and helping her clients invest using the strategies outlined in this book. These strategies have helped her accumulate a portfolio of ten rental properties by parlaying the equity from the very first home she and her husband purchased as newlyweds. Debbie earned an MBA from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business and she holds a real estate broker's license in the State of Texas. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two daughters. Besides her family, her other favorite things are the beach and breakfast tacos.

About Rich Slow Is My Homeboy

It's a real estate investing book that is a blast to read and shares encouraging insights on an easy and straightforward method of real estate investing that's attainable for the average person.

Written in a playful, irreverent tone, you'll crack some smiles as you learn how to secure your financial future and minimize taxes by using the wealth you already have in your home. This method carefully showcases how the average middle class individual can become a powerful real estate investor and retire rich without having to accumulate millions of dollars in retirement savings accounts.

Give it a read and before long, Rich Slow will also be your Homeboy.

The power of leverage and appreciation can make you rich if you understand and take advantage of them and Rich Slow Is My Homeboy is here to help.

Using Debbie's steady and methodical approach, you'll see how you can potentially double the size of your investment home portfolio every 4-7 years without touching your savings account.